Hello, I’m Cora.

I’ve dreamed of being a writer since age seven but got briefly detoured with a finance degree and career.  Bonus: I met my husband on a trading floor outside of Washington, DC.

Some days, I am a mama extraordinaire. Most days, I’m not.

Spicy margaritas are my jam, but that rim better be salted!

My body sustained traumatic injuries during adolescence. Now, I teach indoor cycling at an elite fitness club, because I am determined to use this body for as long as it’s willing. Also, because motivating others feeds my soul.

I write to connect threads, to satisfy that little voice in my brain telling me I have something compelling to deliver to the world, although the current number of lit mag rejections I’ve got might suggest otherwise!

I tell stories to feel awash in connection with an audience and more broadly, to feel part of the quilt that is humanity.

A large part of what I write and tell comes out as humor. I don’t intend it, but here we are.