Boy Mom at the Oberon (May 2017). Theme: Dirt. After I married into a burping, farting, energetic family of boys, I decided that, by force of will, I would only give birth to girls. Controlling conception at the cellular level, however, proved to be way harder than I anticipated. Boy Mom is the first story I ever told on a stage. I went to hear another friend tell that night and ended up throwing my name in. The story took third place.


Go Fish Big Mouth Off at the Somerville Theatre (May 2018). Theme for the initial slam: Swipe Right. Watching a parent navigate the online dating universe can deliver all sort of feels. This story won a MassMouth story slam and semi-final before earning second place in the Big Mouth Off.


Cora’s Glo is Gold Stories from the Stage television recording for the episode, “Holidays:  Cheers, Tears, and Fears” (October 2019). My first story for television! When my son came home begging for gold sneakers, I found myself recollecting a truly terrifying place…middle school.


Jamaica Jitters happened at the final Moth show at Laugh Boston (December 2019). Sometimes I just can’t relax, even on family vacations, and I end up ruining the fun for everyone. Watching this story now, after the arrival of pandemic times, I don’t sound nearly as uptight and crazy. This story lost by a tenth a of point (the smallest margin a teller can lose by), but I still walked away that evening feeling like I’d won. Also, two of my friends came and bought me margaritas which always cheer a loser up. 



Go Fish 2.0 Stories from the Stage show, Valentine’s Day LIVE (February 2020). Love can mean many things on Valentine’s Day. While it is certainly a time for love stories, I decided to share a story about double standards, how much divorce can hurt when you’re a kid, and how even the best relationships take work. This story originally won a MassMouth story slam and semi-final before earning second place in the 2018 Big Mouth Off.  For the Valentine’s Facebook Live, the story grows in length from the original five minutes to ten.  

Click to watch (timestamp to find me – 38:37)


Worst Playdate Ever Doing It in Public Storytelling Show #1, a virtual storytelling event during COVID-19 (May 2020). Sometimes life is just going to throw some poop in your pool and you can’t pretend it away.



My Sister is Lost GRIT: True Stories That Matter podcast (2020). Ninety-nine seconds of suspense in this story about my little sister’s (brief) disappearance. (timestamp to find me – 10:26)