Social Distancing Video Diary for NECN Boston

School’s out for summer! WE made it!

Besides the end of homeschooling, I wrapped up an additional project this week – a video diary from NECN Boston chronicling social-distancing with my family.

I am super grateful to have had this opportunity, which presented itself through one of my riders (see cycling blog post) who happens to be a producer for NECN. She knew that I also tell stories (see storytelling blog post) and thought it would be a good fit.

At the project’s outset, I mostly remember my nerves. For a woman who rarely even takes selfies, filming selfie-style videos certainly felt daunting! Thankfully, I got more comfortable as things progressed. I learned to take advantage of lighting and backgrounds and camera angles. As a bonus, my family jumped at the chance to help with updates (okay, after some gentle yet persistent nagging).

As quarantine extended, the project transitioned from daily updates to weekly ones.

Some of my favorite videos are: “My Family Eats So Much food” (March 19, 2020) and “That Feeling When Your Spouse is Working from Home While You Take Care of the Kids” (April 8, 2020).

Now that it’s over, the process of letting go is bittersweet. I still catch myself searching the days for relatable themes or meaningful tidbits to relay to viewers. I still reach for my phone to do an update, only to remember that one is no longer needed. While the project’s end signifies a potential return to “normalcy,” I am sad to leave behind the connection I felt with NECN viewers.

One day not too far from now, I hope these videos can serve as a capsule of sorts, one that portrays a time filled with many kinds of uncertainty and upheaval and highlights how far we’ve come.

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